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Marching Band

The Marching Statesmen ensemble is designed to perform modern field shows at the highest level possible. The Marching Statesmen compete at marching competitions and parades and perform at home football games. Emphasis is placed equally on musical and visual excellence. Marching band begins with daily band camp during the second half of August and continues with rehearsal and/or performance outside of school hours 5-6 times a week until November. Membership in the Marching Statesmen is co-curricular, open to all band students, and required of Wind Symphony students unless they are in a fall sport. Students not in a band class wishing to join the Marching Statesmen may be able to do so by passing an audition.

Wind Symphony

A select concert band designed for in-depth study of major literature for winds and percussion, the Wind Symphony exclusively performs literature deemed of the highest quality from the repertory of both traditional and contemporary compositional styles, at the grade V-VI level. As a student member, you will develop a deeper sensitivity not only toward outstanding musicianship, but with regard to historical style, performance practices, and aesthetics. In addition to high expectations as an instrumentalist, your ability to apply intellect and spirit in meaningful ways during rehearsals and concerts is also demanded. Membership in the Wind Symphony is open to any student who qualifies through audition; it is a two-semester graded high school class. Wind Symphony students are expected to participate in Marching Band, but may be excused by participation in a fall sport.

Concert Band

The Concert band performs music at the III-IV level and is the primary training ensemble for Wind Symphony. Particular emphasis on pedagogy is placed in rehearsals, making this ensemble a valuable learning experience. Membership in the Concert Band is open to any student who qualifies through audition. It is a two-semester graded high school class.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band rehearses from January until June and performs at concerts, school functions and community events. The Jazz Band performs literature from swing, Latin, funk and rock genres. Special attention is given to the art of improvisation. Membership in the Jazz Band is open to any student who qualifies through audition. It is a spring semester high school class which meets after school on Wednesdays.

Flute Choir

The Marshall Flute Choir is an ensemble comprised of select flute players from the Marshall Band following a successful audition. The flute choir’s focus is to aid in the development of advanced musicianship within the members through challenging repertoire that works on the collaboration of instruments found strictly within the flute family. The ensemble regularly plays for school-wide events and retirement homes, and has been invited to perform in the annual Mid Atlantic Flute Convention in both 2015 and 2016. The Marshall Flute Choir celebrated its inaugural season in the 2013-2014 school year and is coached by Alexandra Baldwin. It is extracurricular.


The GCM colorguard is the visual representation of the marching band. Colorguard members are trained in movement, dance and the manipulation of equipment such as flags, rifle and sabre. Colorguard practices once a week during the summer, then daily during band camp the second half of August, then rehearses or performs outside of school hours 5-6 times a week from September to November. Colorguard is open to any student, male or female, who qualifies through audition in the spring. It is extracurricular.


Winterguard begins practicing in December and finishes with championships at the end of March. In the 2018-2019 season, they took third in their first competition and eighth in the next, with their show "Pushing Through, Part 2" (a continuation of last year's theme). Dealing with daily struggles, obstacles of life, persevering,and celebrating the fruits of your labor, the musical soundtrack, inspiring voice overs, costuming, and props are meticulously designed to convey the message, "Never give up...always push through!" Winterguard is an extracurricular team. It is open to all Marshall students, male or female, by audition. Honors received by the Winterguard include taking first place in their class and being named the Virginia Scholastic Regional A Champions at the Winter Guard International competition on March 4, 2017.

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